LILIANE ZUMKEMI was born in the Swiss Alps. She studied Art at Ecole Cantonale des Beaux-Arts in Sion and at University for Art and Design in Lucerne, Switzerland from 1992- 1998. In 1998 she won an award (Förderpreis) from the state of Valais. From 2000 until 2009 she lived and worked in South East Asia.


Her exhibitions are documented in the Asia Art Archive in Hongkong and at the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zürich. Currently she lives and works in Basel (Switzerland).




Art Education


1992-1994 Ecole Cantonale des Beaux-Arts Sion, Valais, Switzerland

1994-1998 University for Art and Design, Lucerne, Switzerland




Grants/ Artist in Residencies


1998 Award of Encouragement for young artists, state of Valais, Switzerland

2001 Promising Leader, Symposium for Creative Leadership in Science, Economics and Arts, Zermatt

2004/5 Artist in Residency at NICA, Yangoon, Myanmar, supported by Pro Helvetia

2005 About Studio/About Café, Bangkok, Thailand, supported by aara

2008 Womanifesto, Residency in Sisaket, Thailand, supported by Thai Ministry of Culture

2009 Artist in Residence at Camac, supported by Ténot Foundation, France

2015 One month residency, Fukuoka, Japan


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2015    LICHENS, Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan

2014    FLECHTEN, Kunstdegustation, Kochgarage Grüningen, Switzerland

            BOTANICAL MEMORIES, mit Sigi Schwob, Galerie Art and Context, Basel

            Aria Buona, Fletschhorn, Simplon-Dorf, Switzerland

2013    Different Shades of Europe mit Massimo d'Orta, Palazzo Rava, Ravenna

2012    SWEET AND SALTY SMILES, Gallery Art and Context, Basel                
2011    HOSPITALITY, Clinique Valmont, Glion sur Montreux, Switzerland

            GOLD IN GONDO, im Turm, Gondo, Switzerland

2008    BRAIN WASHING, Lodypop, Basel, Switzerland

2007    PLUS BLANC QUE BLANC, French- Japanese Institute, Yokohama, Japan

2006    WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? The substation, Singapore

2005    WORKS BY LILIANE ZUMKEMI, the pilatestudio, Bangkok, Thailand

            CRAZY SOAP, Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
            WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? T-Shirt Festival, Tossapaak Arena, Bangkok, Thailand

2004    BRAIN WORKS, Goethe Institute, Bangkok, Thailand
            WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? Mess Hall, Chicago, U.S.A

2003    WHERE? WHEN? WHY??? About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand
            BRAND NEW, Si-Am Art Space Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand



Selected Group Exhibitions  



2020     Regionale 21, (X)Y, Z, , Cargobar, Basel

2016     Liste Total, Dr. Kuckuckslabrador, Liste, Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

Passage, FabrikCulture Hégenheim, France
2014     Schmu, Galerie Plan D, Düsseldorf, German

Menschliche Verflechtungen, Reservat, Düsseldorf, Germany

WERK:SCHAU, FabrikCulture, Hégenheim, France

2013     Naturally Connected, Montreux Art Gallery, Montreux

             Entreé & Salon, M54, Basel, Switzerland   

             The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie, Künstlervereinigung MAERZ, Linz

2012     MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Montreux

             THAI-SWISS 80 YEARS ANNIVERSARY, Siam Paragon, BKK, Thailand

2011     MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland

2010     First Isanfilmfestival, Korat, Thailand
             Regionale 11, Cargo Kultur Bar, Basel, Switzerland

MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland

2009     MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland

             OPEN STUDIO, Camac, Marnay sur Seine, France

             MUSEUMSNACHT BASEL, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland 

2008     10th Asiatopia, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand
             OPEN STUDIO DAY at first Womanifesto Residency, Sisaket, Thailand
             SEA ART FESTIVAL 2008 BUSAN BIENNALE,  Busan, South Korea

             HEIMATTAGUNG, Simplon-Dorf, Switzerland

2006     BANGKOK BIENNALE, artistic curator: Ark Fongsmut
             INSPIRED BY THE KING, Playground, Bangkok, Thailand

             NO MAN’S LAND, on line exhibition,

             NEW TERRITORIES, Scotland’s international festival of live arts, Glasgow

2005     ART ON THE BEACH, Phuket, Thailand
             OPEN STUDIO AT ABOUT CAFÉ, About Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

             600 IMAGES, Bangkok, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Manila, Saigon
             BORDERS WITHIN/WITHOUT, performance festival at NICA, Myanmar

2004     EPISODE, Cheong-Ju Art Center Gallery, Korea
             HOME, Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2003     WOMANIFESTO, Pridi Banomyong Institute, Bangkok, Thailand 
             WORMS FESTIVAL V, Plastic Kinetic Worms, Singapore
             SAMAI DIALOGUE II, Concrete House, Nonthaburi, Thailand

2002     ASIATOPIA IV, performance festival, Bangkok, Thailand 
             STORY OF THE "I", Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2000     KUNSTSZENE OBERWALLIS, Gallery zur Matze, Brig, Switzerland
             BLUESCHT 2000, Kunsträume Zermatt, Switzerland      
             ALFRED GRUENWALD PREIS, Public Library, Brig,  Switzerland

1999     ERIKSSON, HILDBRAND, WALPEN, ZUMKEMI, Gallery  zur Matze, Switzerland
             CADAVRE EXQUIS, BOA, Lucerne, Switzerland
             KUNST-INTERVENTIONEN, public park,  Lucerne,  Switzerland

1998     PERFORMANCE, Erfrischungsraum, Lucerne, Switzerland



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